Total Hits!


My Current Obsession!


I Love, Love them. However, I am having a CRAVING for a pair of ORANGE PUMPS!!!

I know, I know! Are you mad? No I'm not actually! I have just been loving
the color orange lately & I saw the most divine pair of orange pumps the other day!
They were to die for!!!

Here are a few pics of the design trends that I am loving!



Aren't they lovely?


  1. I love citrus colors for summer! That last pair of shoes is too cute. :-D

  2. Hi!
    I know this sounds crazy but I have been looking for orange pumps and my search keeps leading back to your blog. Where did you find the 4th picture? I have been desperately searching for them online.
    I realize you posted this 2 years ago, but I'm hoping you still remember!

  3. Hello RosieB, I am so sorry for just getting back to you on this. I have not blogged in such a long time! I 'believe' I found the last pair of pumps on ebay. Just do a search for 'orange pumps' and hopefully you can still fing them! Good luck!


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