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What's In My Bag?

As my crazy OBSESSION with the color "ORANGE" continues,
I recently went out and purchased this really lovely handbag.
It is super gorgeous to me!
Here is a little view of what I usually carry around with me.
Hope you like!

The List:

My wallet
My make-up case (The white/silver one)
My phone/camera/chargers case (I also my USB drives in there)
My journal/annual calendar book
A pen! (LOL) :)
Mini BBW lotion (Dark kiss) (I love this scent)
My current fragrance I'm in love with (Mary Kay's Tribute)
Kleenex tissues
Revlon lipgloss (Papaya)
My mirror/brush (The blue/black circular thingy) (LOL) :)
A Special K honey nut bar! (Just in case I get the munchies)
The current issue of Elle Magazine (Amanda Seyfried cover - she's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!)

Well, that concludes what's in my purse at the current moment!
Unfortunately, I think I need a bigger bag because
I always feel like I need to take way more stuff with me! LOL!

Anyway, thanks for reading,


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