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A New Comeback!

I have been a VERY BAD girl!
I have neglected my blog for TWO YEARS!
I know that is a very long time but I've had so many things happen to me over those past two years. For one, I am now married & I am moved halfway across the world! Sounds exciting right?
Yes I know! It all is!
Basically I've been getting to know my new country and adjusting to life in a 'foreign' land.
 I've started working, learning a new language 'German' and making new friends!
I've also been travelling quite a bit with my husband!
I've missed my blog alot since I've been gone & there have been times
when I came back & have taken a 'little peek' to see what was going on.
I guess I was lurking in the background! LOL! 
Now I finally feel ready & that everything in my life has been 'normalised' enough,
so that I can focus on my blog once again!
I really want to make this new comeback and bring to you
all that I love, adore & want to share with the world!
So here's to my new comeback!

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